Prof. Giovanni Bechelloni


Dipartimento di Scienza Politica e Sociologia (edificio D5)
Via delle Pandette, 21
I-50127 Firenze
Phone +39 55 4374432
Fax +39 55 4374931


Full Professor of Sociology of cultural and communicative processes since 1980, he is the head of the Communication Programme in the Faculty of Political Science (University of Florence) PhD, Master, Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Distance Learning.

Publications and research activities

Author of 30 books and 250 articles on media, cultural policy, collective memory and identities, political communication; his main fields of interest and research are:

Latest publications

In the last three years he published five books (some of which are in the processes of being translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese) which try to construct new paradigms from the standing point of communication (a communicative view on history and globalization):

International experience

He was invited as a visiting scholar or professor in European and American universities: Kassel (G), Dijon and Paris (F), London and Manchester (UK), Barcelona Autonoma and Madrid (E), Roskilde (D), Budapest (U), Lisbona and Coimbra (P), Sao Paulo (B), Santiago (Cile), Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, San Diego, Wisconsin, Michigan, Syracuse, Harvard, Philadelphia, Berkeley (USA), SFU-Vancouver and Ryarson-Toronto, Montreal and Laval-Quebec (Canada), Sidney (Australia), Jerusalem (Israele)