Prof. Dr. William G. Davey


Arizona State University
Director of the Office of International Programs
PO Box 874311
Tempe AZ 85287-1602
Tel. : +1 480 965 6591
Fax: +1 480 965 4026


IPO Director

Bill Davey became Director of the International Programs Office in January 1999. He holds a BA in Communication from Penn State University; an MA in Linguistics from Columbia University and the Ph.D. in International Communication and Applied Linguistics from Indiana University. Bill joined the faculty of Arizona State University in 1976 as part of a team to develop the Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication within the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. As a faculty member, Dr. Davey taught a variety of courses in language and culture, international communication, intercultural communication, and research methods. He served as Director of Graduate Studies, Director of the Communication Internship Program, and acting chair of the department. Administratively, Dr. Davey has served as Associate Director of International Programs, Director of the American Language and Culture Program, Director of ASU-Japan and currently as Director of International Programs.